Robbie Song pole dance instructor

Robbie Song

A prominent athlete in the Canadian pole fitness scene, Robbie has won numerous pole championship titles in Canada and abroad. Known for his dynamic and contemporary dance style, Robbie continues to train and compete at a professional level. 

In 2017, Robbie left his office job as a Civil Engineer and went traveling abroad to train pole dancing full-time with some of the world's most renowned pole athletes. After coming back to Calgary, he started teaching pole dance in his garage. His students quickly outgrew the space and when the opportunity came for him to open a dance studio in downtown Calgary, he took the opportunity and started what is now R.SONG STUDIOS. His goal is to create a world-class pole and aerial training facility with award-winning instructors who will inspire the next generation of pole artists and athletes. Robbie is a strong advocate for promoting pole fitness to become a future Olympic sport.


2018 & 2019 CPFA Canadian Pole Fitness Champion (Men's Division) - Toronto, ON

2019 CPSF Canadian Pole Sport Champion (Elite Senior Men's) - Montreal, QC

2019 Pole Theater World Finalist - London, UK

2018 Pole Theatre Canada Pole Comedy Division Winner (Pro Division) - Edmonton, AB

2018 Pole Championship Series Freestyle Battle Champion - Sacramento, California

2018 American Pole League Elite Senior Men's 1st Place - Tuscon, AZ

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Annecy R.SONG pole dance instructor in Calgary


Annecy started pole in 2015 after retiring from competitive sports and needing a new fitness routine. After seeing a pole competition video on YouTube at 15, Annecy's mom encouraged her to consider pole as her next endeavor. Once she retired from cheerleading, she knew she needed to find another passion. She was a competitive gymnast for 14 years and has been coaching it at the recreational and competitive level for more than 10 years.

Annecy had her first pole competition in June 2018 and placed 4th in the semi-pro division. She was a pole instructor in Edmonton before moving to Calgary this summer. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge of gymnastics and pole with her students. Her areas of specialty include flips, drops and strength-based pole skills, handstands, flexibility and choreography. She loves to encourage her students of all abilities to build strong fundamental skills while promoting an inclusive environment. She's excited to spread her love for pole!

Follow her on Instagram: @rocknnpole

Jenna pole dance instructor


Jenna is a competitive pole dancer and performer. She started pole dancing in May 2016, and although she was not immediately good at it, she quickly fell in love. She is equally drawn to the exotic and athletic elements of the sport and is fascinated by the diverse styles that can be expressed on the pole.

Jenna has competed in several competitions to date, including Pole Sport Organization events, The Canadian Pole Fitness Association Championships, and the Midwest Open in Chicago. Her titles include 2nd place Low Flow PSO Canada 2017, 3rd place Exotic 2 CPFA Championships 2018, 2nd place Exotic 4 PSO Canada West 2018, and 1st place Entertainment 4 PSO Canada West 2018.

In addition to competing and performing, Jenna enjoys sharing her love of pole dancing through teaching. As an instructor, she loves seeing a student’s confidence increase: pole students will accomplish feats of strength and flexibility that they may have never thought possible. She would also encourage pole dancers of all levels to take the leap and step onto a competitive stage: it is an amazing way to celebrate your progress and see what is possible!

Follow her on Instagram: @jennaellissapole

Kim aerial instructor


Kimberley’s life balances with one foot in the dance world, one in yoga, and both hands in circus. She has roots in funk and hip-hop, a base of serious, academic contemporary and jazz, and has blossomed into a free-flying aerial and pole artist.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Dance (Choreography and Performance Concentration) at the University of Calgary, she continued her professional development across the country and around the world with dance companies such as Decidedly Jazz and RUBBERBANDance, and with instructors from Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, École Nationale de Cirque (Montréal) and National Institute of Circus Arts (Melbourne), while also working and training as a freelance performer, choreographer, and teacher.

Kim has completed multiple teacher trainings in yoga, pole, and aerials, and integrates a plethora of movement and life adventures into her practice and work. She values the deep and authentic reflection, expression, connection, and fulfillment that make art and life worthwhile.

Follow her Instagram: @soul.satisfaction

Mimi pole dance instructor


Mimi is the embodiment of a natural talent and true pole athlete through and through. With no previous dance, gymnastics or fitness experience, she has excelled in both strength and flexibility, almost exclusively through her dedication to pole training.

After seeing a video of Anastasia Sokolova on Ukraine’s Got Talent, Mimi was inspired to try pole in 2014 and has since trained with various instructors at multiple studios around Alberta. Observant and with a keen attention to detail, Mimi is known for her clean lines, elegance and control when executing complex movements. Having experimented with many styles and tricks, Mimi is especially skilled at breaking down a movement and identifying and avoiding common pitfalls that many students may run into when first learning a new skill. Mimi is continuously inspired by the welcoming and open-minded nature of the pole community and by the number of wonderful people she has met through the sport. In addition to her passion for pole, one of Mimi's other great loves is cake. One of her favorite perks of being a pole dancer is that she can stay fit and strong, while eating all the cake her heart desires.

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Madi Calgray pole dance instructor


Madi was first exposed to pole dancing during her travels abroad, where she met an Australian pole enthusiast who revealed that pole dancing is a popular form of physical fitness in her country. Intrigued, Madi signed up for her first class pole dancing class, and it was love at first swing. This experience was both humbling and exhilarating; pole dancing was Madi's solution to committing to a physical activity that combined her love of flexibility and movement.

Madi is dedicated to learning, teaching and is driven to break down the stereotypes associated with pole dancing. She is striving to popularize pole as a legitimate sport that can be utilized by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Madi completed her first level pole certification with ElevatED in 2017. She is also a graded Level 2 International Pole Sports Federation judge and was selected to be on the judging panel at the National Championships held in Montreal in 2019.

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Johanne R.SONG pole dance instructor in Calgary


Johanne is a classically trained dancer turned pole addict. With over 20 years of experience in dance, she has trained in various internationally recognized and professional dance programs such as Toronto Dance Theatre, School of Alberta Ballet and London Studio Centre. Her style proficiencies include: Cecchetti ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary and lyrical. Johanne is also incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to choreograph and perform with multiple theatre and dance companies.

Johanne’s greatest accolades come from her work choreographing and performing for Cirque du Soliel during the Pan American Games live for over 100,000 in attendance and approximately 5 million worldwide.

Throughout her university years, Johanne had the privilege of coaching and captaining her school’s varsity Pom Team (cheer and dance), where she helped lead the team to several first place wins at various national and international competitions.

Since starting pole in 2017, Johanne has competed and placed in every competition she has entered thus far. She is known for being a bit of a stylistic chameleon and is experienced in technique ranging from highly technical and lyrical movement to sensual and hard-style exotic choreography.

Johanne is passionate about helping students cultivate good technique and creativity while enabling them to take flight toward their personal goals or simply touch the sky in their high heels. Whether you are a dancer, athlete or new mover, she will challenge you to defy gravity and celebrate your personal freedom through self-love, respect and joy.

Follow her on Instagram: @johanne.young

Veronika pole dance instructor in Calgary


Veronika enjoys all forms of exotic dance and has focused the past few years of training on Russian-Style Exotic Pole Dancing. She took time off work in 2018 to train with some of the world's most renowned exotic pole choreographers in Europe. Veronika’s movement journey began in high school when she took dance as an option course, and has since trained in other dance forms including hip hop, dance all, ballet, and lyrical.

Veronika has been teaching yoga since 2013 and has also taught HIIT, Spin, Row and Barre at various studios around Calgary.  Veronika is passionate about life and loves to share her fitness and dance experience with others.

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